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Barcelona Card for Groups

Quantity discount for the Barcelona Card from 10 cards

When buying 10 Barcelona Cards or more for adults you will receive a quantity discount of 10% from us. Enjoy the many advantages and save even more money at the same time.

You receive the quantity discount when buying 10 cards at the minimum. Every person will receive their own Barcelona Card and can be used individually.

The booking procedure is the same as when buying smaller amounts: simply enter the desired amount or tickets on the right, choose the shipping method and click on "Add to cart".

A group discount is not possible for the Barcelona Card Express.

Possibility to cancel or book additional Barcelona Cards

Your group size is changing, some people cancel or additional people are part of the group? No problem, you can return unused Barcelona Cards or book additional ones.

Should the amount of used Barcelona Cards be less than 10 after returning, we will only refund the amount of money, that's left after recalculating the price for the cards at the regular rate.

Shipping the Barcelona Card at group rate

The voucher shipping via e-mail is possible world wide. The booked Barcelona Cards can be picked up by the person stated on the voucher at one of the issuing offices. The voucher will be sent directly after the booking by e-mail.

Book your Barcelona Card here

Enter the desired number of Barcelona Cards with group discount (10 persons at the minimum).
2019 - Barcelona Card With Group Discount (adults) Desired quantity
3 days (72 hours) 46.00 € 42.00€
4 days (96 hours) 56.00 € 52.00€
5 days (120 hours) 61.00 € 56.00€
2019 - Barcelona Card With Group Discount (children 4-12 years)
3 days (72 hours) 22.00 € 20.00€
4 days (96 hours) 28.00 € 26.00€
5 days (120 hours) 33.00 € 30.00€
Sum of your selection:

(incl. 0.00 € one time fee)
Our partner: Barcelonaturisme, 08008 Barcelona, Passatge de la Concepció, 7-9

Our assurance to you

  • Online booking: fast and safe.
  • Choice of shipping via mail or via E-mail (voucher).
  • Plans change: no determination of dates necssary. Our voucher is valid for the whole calendar year. Barcelona Cards, received via mail, will be valid with the first day of usage.
  • No risk: Barcelona Cards, received via mail, can be returned to us until the 15th of January of the following year. We will refund the entire price.
  • No cancellation fees.